55th Reunion Attendees

Charlsa Boren (Bentley) and Mark Bentley

Robert Carey and Tracy Miller

Mike Hernandez

Donna Jacobsen (Barrick) and Wendell Barrick

Geoff Kreiger and Sandra Shirley (Kreiger)

Ed and  Becky Peterson

Pam Satterwhite (Kessel)

Jyl Flowers (Cole) and Grant Cole

Larry and Connie Rutledge

Darlette Sonnier (Powell) and Bill Powell

Randy and Carolyn Humphrey

Will Davis

Bill Dreher

Roger and Robin VonRosenberg

Marty Martin

Mike and Cecelia Senter

Randy Lee

Joann Hemphill (Meyer)

Bobby and Deeanne Barnett

Malcom and Christy Mittag

Marsha Brooks (Holt) and Robert Holt

Sammy and Cathy Seidenberger

Cindy Windsor (Jones) and Steve Jones

Fred Butler

Joe and Marina Herring

John and Susie Franzetti

Susan Seiders (Spiller) and Jay Spiller

Gary (Layne) and Bren Shead

David and Brenda Basore

Cathy Cave (Cartwright)

Bill and Karen Greif

Judy Eaker (Dwyer)

Jeff Pannell and Janie Kincl (Wilkinson)

Robert and Iona Touchett

Johnny and Anita Jo Kleinert

Mike and Jacque Boothe

Barbara Berger

Nancy Growcock (Goerdel) and Garry Goerdel

Jolynn Luedke (Young) and Preston Kilman

Patti Murphy (Harrison)

Nancy Kirksey (Helge) and Carl Helge

Sherri Dannelley (Davis) and Terry Davis

Bervin Mirtsching

Judy Kelly (Howard) and Greg Howard

Cindy Hamm (Coleman)

Bobbie Stockton (Alexander)

Pam Palmer

Cyndi Gutgzell (Husband) and Lisa McGuire

Regan Dowdy and Kristen Kristynik (Ray Dowdy's daughters)

Vernon (Bubba) Cook and Kathy Graves Cook

Buddy and Linda Dryden

ViPat Hooks (Dodd) and Mike Dodd

Mike and Charlotte McLain

John Keel

Sara Rider (Harwell)

Janet Schutz (Moon)

Carol Sue Hulsey (RHS Class of 1967 and sister of Cathy Hulsey (Howle)

Anne Pierce-Jones

Phillip Guerra

Neil Walker

Dale Rebold

Alan Seiders

Terry Collins (Koehler) and Brein Koehler-(they have a previous commitment- only with us from 4-5pm)

Cathy Hulsey (Howle) and David Howle

Grady and Rosie Jones

Margaret Reinhardt (Sorgee) and Jerry Sorgee

Cindy Green (Appleby)

Harry Wendt

Peggy Faulkner (Warren) and Paul Warren

Dennis (Chick) and Patti Drews

Kathryn Nichols

Mary Bartosh (Schroeder)

Guy and Mimi Bommarito

Clintsy Bell (Young) and Becky Hamilton (daughter)

Sharee Boswell (Reed) and Steve Reed

Jim Kouri

Chris Bollman

Coach Wally Freytag and Helen Freytag

Gayle Kunshick (Gregory)

Bob and Cate Allbright 

Coach Carroll Lundin and Deborah Lundin

Ken Robinson

Bobby and Betsy Mata

Patrick Schneider

James and Doris Story

Charlie Brown

Phil Warren

Donna Pike (Marlette)