Reagan-Cooper game 1967

On a cold December afternoon in 1967 Reagan High School, just in its third year of operation, met consensus favorite and powerhouse Abilene Cooper in the AAAA State Championship football game. At the end of the day, the Raiders had accomplished the impossible.  Here is the film record of that game. (Hint: There are 2 separate videos to watch; each one is a little different. Be sure to click on both of these links so you don't miss anything.)


Compressed full game

**Note: A huge thank-you to our classmate Joe Herring for making this possible. Here's the back story that Joe writes about how this came about:

"This [comes from] a highlight DVD of the Reagan vs. Abilene Cooper state championship game 1967. [The DVD] was made by Dennis Cedar's son Andrew for the fortieth Football reunion and he used the film taken from the Abilene side that my brother, Chris, received from a co-worker. A side story: My brother was in the breakroom at his work when he overheard a co-worker start telling the story of that cold Dec. day. As his co-worker began telling the story of how he played in that game, my brother interrupted abruptly and said "yeah, and you lost!" The vanquished co-worker gave him his video tape of the game and said "Here, I won't be needing it anymore."

Fast forward to the fortieth reunion 2007: I took the tape and transferred it to a DVD. In planning the reunion, Dennis offered the services of his son to create this DVD. They made copies for each player on the team. Although the quality of the Abilene tape is not very clear (due to the frigid temps that froze the film camera), the Reagan film, except for the last play, was just as unclear. But Andrew was masterful at embellishing and combining the two films to achieve this DVD. ... Putting it on the Reagan claass of '68 website would be fantastic. ... [signed] Joe Herring"

And now a point of personal privilege from me (Charlsa): Another huge thank-you to my awesome husband Mark Bentley and daughter Hilary for all the time & effort they spent transferring the DVD contents into a computer file and then making that computer file into something that could be viewed here as Joe hoped. It's all Greek and magic to me, so I'm giving them a virtual round of applause here.